Springtime Tips on How to Help your Lawn Wake Up!

The most important part of spring lawn care is to allow your lawn to come back to life slowly during the early spring months. If you do things right, the sun and soil will do most of the work for you!

Start by giving your yard a thorough, deep raking before you begin to mow or treat the grass. Raking allows you to pull up any thatch that may have accumulated over the winter when the grass was less springy. It also gives you a chance to find any dead spots or compacted areas that need particular attention.

If you did not fertilize your lawn in the fall, you would need to be sure to fertilize for the spring properly. If you know that your lawn is prone to weeds, early spring can be a good time to apply herbicides to prevent the weeds from developing. It is much easier to get rid of persistent weeds before they have a chance to form than to deal with them once they have fully matured. If your lawn is prone to weeds, you can apply a light application of pre-emergent weed. Don’t overdo the spring weed killer, however, or you may damage the new grass that is starting to grow.

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